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Inspirational Word Worry Stones, Flat Pebbles Palm Stone with ‘Happiness’ Engraved, about 25x20x7mm, Priced 1 pcs

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Inspirational Word Worry Stones, Flat Pebbles Palm Stone with ‘Happiness’ Engraved, about 25x20x7mm, Priced 1 pcs


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Stone treatment: Amethyst | Carnelian | Lapis Lazuli | Tiger Eye Stone | Black Obsidian | Red Jasper | Dalmatian Jasper | Unakite | Rose Quartz | Clear Quartz Crystal | Green Aventurine | Picture Jasper | Black Veined Rhodonite | Opalite (syn.)

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Engraved possitive stones is a great way to think clearly about your thoughts and feelings around an inspirational word, it can help you redirect your thoughts, refocus your goals, and improve your mobility, so as to achieve your goals or intentions in real life. All the possitive words are engraved on beautiful natural crystals just like the palette of the earth. Every stone is unique.

There is no doubt that people’s minds and self-awareness are very powerful, but it also needs guidance, especially in these prosperous era. With so many negative news and things happening every day in the world, it is very easy to become negative.

However, the same goes for being optimistic.

Inspirational word stones can focus our attention and purpose on these positive words, and when you see the word, the corresponding positive energy will follow. This is the most simple function of this stone.

Benefits of Crystals

From natural quartz, amethyst, to jasper. Their natural earth-enhanced crystalline energy allows us to relax our tension while concentrating, stabilize our mood, and allow us to focus on our goals with less effort.

Different crystals carry different positive energies. For example, rose quartz and rhodonite worry stone can bring you beautiful love. Red Jasper is known for its healing effects on grounding and endurance. Green Aventurine is said to provide strength, confidence and courage.

How to Use the Inspirational Word Stones

The first thing is to find crystals and words that resonate with your intention. As you know, different crystals carry different positive energies.

Here are some ways to take advange of these words stone to bring positive things into your life.

  • Carry the word stone in your pocket

They’re well polised and their decent size makes them easy to carry around.

So the best way to use them is to keep a few of your favorite stones in your pocket. This will help you bring positive energy into your life and repel negative energy. It reminds you every time you put your hand in your pocket, guide you to achieve your goals.

  • Put the word stone next to your computer

With the explosion of wireless electronics, radiation has become a hot and worrying topic. There are many crystals that seem to be especially good at preventing screen radiation. Such as agate, carnelian, shungite, aventurine.

Putting a few on your desk will not only protect against radiation hazards, but also remind you to focus on your work and achieve your goals.

  • Use when you meditate

When you meditate, place a few rocks by your side or hold them in your hands and create around thoughts and images related to positive words.

If you hold rose quartz or rhodonite when meditation, it will help you focus your attention and purpose on being in love. It evokes the love of your life, your family, your friends, and your partner. Thus sparking your passion for a better life.

  • Keep it next to your bed

Put a stone next to your bed or under your pillow. Healing crystals allows you to fall asleep peacefully and treat insomnia. Wake up every morning and start your day full of energy with your goals and intentions in mind.

In addition, inspirational word stones are wonderful gifts for kids, friends and family. It brings good wishes and encouragement.

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