Apatite Beads

The main sources of apatite are Brazil, Myanmar and Mexico. Under the processing of our factory, it is made into various shapes and sizes apatite beads for customers to make jewelry


Apatite Gemstone

Apatite is a general term for a class of calcium-containing phosphate minerals, and apatite has many colors, ranging from yellow to light yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, etc.

Apatite Meaning

As apatite emits phosphorescence when heated, which the ancients thought was "aura" or "spirit fire", therefore, people believed that apatite is a spiritual stone and can make their own minds communicate with the gods.

Apatite has a dual role and is known for its active use of personal power to achieve its goals. It clears confusion, indifference or negative emotions and stimulates intelligence to expand knowledge and truth, which can then be used for personal growth or collective benefit. This is the performance stone, which promotes a humanitarian outlook and serves others.

Blue Apatite Spiritual Meaning

It's said that blue apatite can make people calm, regulate mood, balance spirit and body, and strengthen vitality, stimulate people's action and enthusiasm.

Green Apatite Meaning

Green apatite can stimulate creativity, improve intelligence, expand knowledge and truth, and become more frank and harmonious when talking with people.