African Turquoise Beads

The color pattern on the surface of African turquoise looks a lot like turquoise, but in fact it is a pale green jasper found in Africa.
African turquoise is called “evolutionary stone”, it helps people become better by inspiring people’s wisdom. Many people think that African turquoise can help soothe emotions and embrace changes around them, making people more positive and optimistic.


African Turquoise in fact it is a green-blue jasper found in Africa. African Turquoise Jasper showcases varying amounts of black matrix, it resembles light bluish-green turquoise at a fraction of the cost.

African turquoise has a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7, which is higher than natural turquoise, so it is relatively more wear-resistant.

African Turquoise Beads offer a mix of exotics and a quaint, retro vibe. Especially suitable for American or Japanese jewelry. African turquoise jewelry can add design and embellishment to the outfit.

African Turquoise Meaning

Since ancient times, the frequency of using turquoise has been found in many places. Some ethnic groups regard turquoise as a gift from the gods. American Indians believe that turquoise is the elves of the sea and the blue sky, and is known as "the stone of success and luck". Persians believe that the first sight of african turquoise in the morning can bring good luck for the day; Egyptians use African turquoise to carve a god of love to protect themselves.

African turquoise stone is considered the "stone of evolution". It is said to bring beneficial changes and transformations in life. Nowadays, our daily life is always the same, and the inspiring energy of African turquoise gives us the courage to accept new things. It provides the courage, confidence and execution needed for self-improvement and self-development.