Malachite Beads

Malachite is an opaque dark green with streaks of shades of color—a unique beauty not found in any other gemstone. Malachite is nature’s casual palette masterpiece. A natural color change occurs within each bead, from light green to dark green – no two malachite beads or strands are exactly the same. Check genuine malachite beads only.


Malachite Meanings:

Malachite has the meaning of "wife happiness". As early as 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians mined malachite between Suez and Sinai, using malachite as amulets for children. They believed that by hanging a piece of malachite on a child's cradle, all evil spirits would be cast out. In ancient Germany, people believe wearing malachite jewelry could avoid the threat of death.
Malachite is produced in the oxidation zone of copper sulfide deposits, and often coexists with other copper-bearing minerals (azurite, chalcocite, cuprite, natural copper, etc.). The world famous origins are Zambia, Australia, Namibia, Russia, Zaire, the United States, China and other regions.