Lava Beads

Bulk lava stone beads is now divided into two levels, ordinary grade and AAA grade. The electroplated volcanic stone uses ordinary grade.

We don’t sell the volcanic stones that use slag that usually found on the market, because the experience is very poor and it is very easy to break.


Volcanic rock is a kind of vitreous lava with dense pores formed by the rapid cooling of magma in the process of volcanic eruption, due to the rapid reduction of pressure and the rapid overflow and expansion of internal gas. Its pore volume accounts for more than 50% of the rock volume. Lava rock beads is very popular in essential oil bracelet due to its high porosity and light weight.

Lava stone beads are ideal natural green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving jewelry supplies.

Lava Healing Properties

The low radioactivity of volcanic rock makes it safe to use in human living places without radioactive contamination.

Volcanic rocks are derived from natural ore and are rich in dozens of minerals and trace elements such as sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, calcium, titanium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, nickel, cobalt and molybdenum. It is said that wearing a volcanic stone jewelry for a long time can promote metabolism, cell repair and activate the body's renewal mechanism.
In addition, volcanic stones can relax the nerves, improve the energy center in the body, and achieve a state of physical and mental balance.