What Bead Sizes Are Suitable for My DIY Jewelry Making?

What Bead Sizes Are Suitable for My DIY Jewelry Making?

If you are just a beginner to beading, and you are eager to know what bead sizes are suitable for your design? This article will systematically introduce the size of various beads.

How To Measure The Size Of Beads

First, let’s learn how to measure the size of the beads. The most common measurement method is to use a vernier caliper to measure in millimeters (mm). During the measurement, we slide the vernier caliper to fit the beads to measure the most accurate bead size.

After learning to use this tool, you can easily measure the size of gemstone, crystals, glass, metal beads.

The bottom of tool is used for the diameter of the bead, and the top of tool is used for measuring the diameter of the bead hole.

How to use a vernier caliper to measure the bead size
How to use a vernier caliper to measure the bead size

Determine Best Bead Sizes For The Project

Next, which jewelry items are generally suitable for beads of different sizes?

  • 2-3 mm size beads: The beads are very small, generally about the same size as sesame or rice grains, and the holes are also very small. They are generally used to add extra detail and size to jewelry design. And as an excellent gasket, they are very effective in bead embroidery.
  • 4-5mm size beads: This type of beads can be used to make multi-ring bracelets, matching beads for waist chains, necklaces, etc. 5mm beads can also be used to make buddha beads bracelets.
  • 6mm size beads: This size of beads is suitable for exquisite women’s single circle bracelets. When used with 6mm size, it will make the overall effect very personal and very suitable for jewelry that wants to stand out without losing its flashy.
  • 8mmsize beads: This size is currently the most popular on the market and is also the most suitable for bracelets or necklaces. The design made with beads of this size will be noticeable and very flashy.
  • 10mmsize beads:This size is also suitable for making bracelets, but the finished gemstones bracelets are relatively heavy for female cand generally more popular with male customers.
  • 12mm size beads: If your design is eager to highlight a bold and full of personality, then this size of beads is very suitable. They are more used as a size for male bracelets.
  • 14mm-16mmsize beads: Suitable for making bracelets or necklaces for strong men.
About the gemstone beads size
bead size

Bead size measurement results are not neccesarrily standard 6mm 8mm 10mm…

Because the beads are made by hand, the size of bead may be vary by about 0.5mm. In the industry, if we indicate 6mm, it may be 5.8mm, 5.9mm, 6.2mm or 6.5mm.