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DearBeads Stone Chips Necklaces, about 15-16inches and 2inches Golden Stainless Steel Extent Chain, Priced 1pcs (NKKS1017)

Stone Chips Necklaces

DearBeads Stone Chips Necklaces, about 15-16inches and 2inches Golden Stainless Steel Extent Chain, Priced 1pcs (NKKS1017)


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Necklace length is 15~16 inches, including a 2-inch extended chain.

Stone treatment:
Rose Quartz: natural;
Green Aventurine: natural;
Citrine: color enhanced;
Tiger’s Eye Stone: natural;
Crystal Quartz: natural;
Blue Magnesite: dyed;
Lapis Lazuli: natural;
Amethyst: natural;
Amazonite: natural;
Carnelian: natural;
Black Obsidian: natural;
Morganite: natural;
Aquamarine: natural;
Black Obsidian: natural;
Morganite: natural
Chinese Pink Opal: natural;
Howlite: natural;
Colorful Crackle Crystal: Dyed;
Mixed Shell: Dyed;
Mixed Magnesite: Dyed;
Red Jasper: natural;
Red Coral: Dyed;
Black Rutilated Quartz: natural;
Black Zebra Jasper: natural;
Rhodonite: natural;
Black Veined Rhodonite: natural;
Mookaite: natural;
Red Strawberry Quartz: natural;
Fluorite: natural;
Unakite: natural;
Goldstone: Synthetic;
Blue Goldstone: Synthetic;
Labradorite: natural;
Blue Aventurine: natural;
Prehnite: natural;
Lemon Jade: natural;
Sodalite: natural;
Red Cherry Quartz: Synthetic;
Sunstone: natural;
Mixed Cat’s Eye: Synthetic;
Mixed Stone: Natural/dyed/synthetic;
Mixed Rutilated Quartz
New Jade: natural;
Indian Agate: natural;
New Jade: natural;
Pink&Blue Jade: dyed;
Lavender Amethyst: natural;
Copper Rutilated Quartz: natural;
Opalite: synthetic;
Garnet: natural;
Blue Jade: dyed;
Pink Crystal: synthetic;
Shell: natural;
Yellow jade: natural;
Ruby Zoisite: natural;
Malachite: natural;
Red Aventurine: natural;
Picture Jasper: natural;
Dalmatian Jasper: natural;
Snowflake Obsidian: natural;
Green Agate: synthetic;
Peridot: natural;
Apatite: : natural.

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Multi-color, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Yellow, White, Brown

Metal Color



Natural, Synthetic, Dyed




As product is handmaded, size, shape and colors may slightly different in each lot.


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