Smoky Quartz Chips

Undrilled Natural Smoky Quartz Chips, 3-5mm, Priced 100-gram per pkg

Smoky Quartz Chips

Undrilled Natural Smoky Quartz Chips, 3-5mm, Priced 100-gram per pkg


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It’s said that Smoky Quartz has a strong magnetic field, which can strengthen the root chakra, enhance power, and improve the analytical power of things.

What Is The Use Of Gemstone Chips?

1. Smoky Quartz Chips are very useful for inlaid and decorated jewelry, besides, they are very suitable for fashion accessories such as books, crystal crafts, belts, etc. They will definetely add highlights to the product!
2. Making crystal pillows — It is said that the energy of natural crystals chips can eliminate brain fatigue, insomnia, and dreaminess, thereby improving sleep quality.
3. Put some natural crystal chips in water bottle, such as white crystal quartz, citrine, rose quartz etc. Please note that the crystal with dark color also releases heavy metal substances, so it is not recommended to use darker color crystals. After the purification effect of crystal, the water will be more glycolic! It has the functions of beauty, beauty and digestion.
4. Cultivate plants–Placed some crystal chips in a plant pot, can make the plant grow healthy, lush and full of vitality.

Additional information

Weight 105 g
Main Material


Hole Size

No Hole




Black, Brown



Metal Color

No Metal






As material is from nature, size and colors may be vary in each piece., The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.


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