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Natural Serpentine Jasper Heishi Spacer Beads, about 2x4mm, 190 Beads, Length 15”

Serpentine Jasper Heishi Beads

Natural Serpentine Jasper Heishi Spacer Beads, about 2x4mm, 190 Beads, Length 15”


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also call Aqua Terra Jasper

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What is heishi beads?

Heishi beads (perle heishi) are small polished bead, especially a small flat disk or tube-shaped beads that can be strung with others of uniform size to form a smooth cylindrical jewelry.

Heishi beads are easy to use and are loved by designers. Its countless colors and various material like gemstone, shell, polymer clay, ceramic…. provide unlimited design possibilities.

What is imperial jasper?

Imperial Jasper is also known as Aqua Terra Jasper, Impression Jasper, Sea Sediment Jasper.

The gorgeous imperial jasper is like a mystery, and it is called the protection stone of the town house to ward off evil spirits, especially when traveling.

The imperial jasper protects love and friendship, and can bring happiness and success to couples. Each stone has a unique texture and color, and each one is a unique creation when making jewelry.

The origin imperial jasper is mostly gray/beige color, and colored ones are color enhanced on the market. The color enters the stone through high-pressure technology, and the color does not fade for a long time.

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Weight 18 g


Hole Size

2mm-3mm bead: 0.4-1mm; 4mm-8mm bead: 0.8-1.5mm; 10mm bead: about 1.5mm; 12mm-14mm bead: about 2mm.










Sold as 1 strand. Shapes, sizes and colors may vary in each lot.


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