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Natural Blue Apatite Beads, Round, about 2mm, Length 15”

Apatite Beads 2mm

Natural Blue Apatite Beads, Round, about 2mm, Length 15”


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Apatite beads 2mm are the perfect addition to any jewelry-making project. These small, round beads are made from a vibrant blue gemstone that is known for its unique color and healing properties. The beads measure approximately 2mm in diameter, making them ideal for use as accents in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. They are also great for incorporating into more intricate beading designs, as their small size allows for easy stringing and manipulation. The natural beauty of these beads is sure to make any piece of jewelry stand out. Plus, the apatite gemstone is believed to have properties that can help with communication and self-expression, making these beads not only beautiful, but also meaningful. So, if you’re looking to add some sparkle and meaning to your next jewelry project, these 2mm apatite beads are the perfect choice.

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Weight 8 g


Hole Size

2mm-3mm bead: 0.4-1mm; 4mm-8mm bead: 0.8-1.5mm; 10mm bead: about 1.5mm; 12mm-14mm bead: about 2mm.










Sold as 1 strand. Shapes, sizes and colors may vary in each lot.


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