New Shipment Method Coming


New Shipment Method Coming

In recent months, due to the increasing orders, many customers have asked us whether there is a cheaper shipping method. After comparing multiple suppliers, we decided to use USPS and Mail Post for shipping. Its average time limit is between 8-15 working days, and the price is only about 30% of the express delivery, which is more cost-effective.

The following countries we currently open:

CountriesShipment Methodaging
USAUSPS8-15 Working Days
UKMail Post8-15 Working Days
GermanyMail Post7-14 Working Days
FranceMail Post7-14 Working Days
SpainMail Post9-15 Working Days
NetherlandsMail Post8-18 Working Days
Poland Mail Post8-18 Working Days
ItalyMail Post7-15 Working Days
SwedenMail Post8-18 Working Days
FinlandMail Post8-18 Working Days
DenmarkMail Post8-18 Working Days
PortugalMail Post8-18 Working Days
Countries with new shipping template

We will add more affordable shipping rates in the future, please keep following us.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us.