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1. Why your prices are low?

All of our products are manufacturer by own factories. Thus, we are able to provide the benefit of wholesale to our customers up to a certain extent. NO more agent, NO more trader.

Also, we believe in building long term relationships with our customers. Not overcharging you is our first step towards a healthy business relationship.

2. Do your prices include shipping cost?

No, the prices of our products on our site do not include any shipping costs.

3. Discount List

More Than $100US $5 Off
More Than $200US $10 Off
More Than $500US $20 Off
More Than $1000 US $50 Off
More Than $5000 US $120 Off
More Than $10000 US $250 Off

4. Use coupon in the payment process

1). Get Coupon code

2).Apply Coupon In Your Cart

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